Help me choose!


Can’t choose!

The lovely Melissa O’Connor at The Design Inspirationalist hosted a give away for Valentine’s Day, and I was lucky enough to be the winner. Her work is beautiful so I’m really excited about this! She is well worth a look if you have a moment.

However, I have a choice between two prints and both are generally intended for wedding malarky, which isn’t on the cards for me any time soon. So I have to choose something else. I’ve come up with three ideas and am hoping you guys will help me choose.


Song Print; The lyrics from a song shared by my partner and I. As we plan to move in together some time in the not too distant future it would be perfect for our first home decoration.

Song Print; The final lines from my favourite poem, ‘Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening’. It always reminds me when things are bad I just have to keep going.


Vows Print; Well I haven’t any vows, obviously, but I do have inside jokes and meaningful words with my partner. So I thought of a stream of consciousness style piece with just different words and phrases meaningful to us.

So those are my ideas. If you have any better ideas I am 100% open to them. Please leave me a wee comment telling me which idea you prefer and hopefully I will finally get my prize. Can’t wait!

Thank You!